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5 Sure-fire Ways to become Employer of Choice

Companies across Australia are having trouble hiring employees, and the Northern Territory is struggling with the best of them.

What started in 2019 with an unusually high number of Australians leaving their jobs for other opportunities has blossomed into a full-on game of musical chairs with an estimated 1 in 5 Australians quitting their job last year, according to research by the National Australia Bank.

It seems ‘The Great Resignation’ isn’t discriminating either and those jobs are stretching across every industry.

Today more than ever, it's vital that organisations change their mindset and recognise that this is the perfect opportunity to be cleverly proactive, and strategically navigate through the issues the pandemic has amplified, to position themselves as true employers of choice.

1. Top Down

Being a progressive employer often is a top-down attitude. You need someone at the controls who is open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. If your company is not changing with the times, it will be left behind. A progressive leader is always open to ideas from those further down the workplace depth chart.

2. Have a Plan

You need a plan to become a progressive employer of choice. Understanding all of the key elements to be considered is the first step which allows you to then compare actual performance with desired performance to show where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

3. Have Focus

There's no "one-size-fits-all" approach to becoming an employer of choice. To execute a great plan, you need focus, not just rushing from one brilliant plan to the next without any sort of roadmap. Progressive companies do not rush willy-nilly into making changes, they take a logical, intelligent approach to get there. A comprehensive gap analysis is the key to that.

4. Commit to the Investment

Many organisations appoint someone to lead innovation but then fail to provide an appropriate budget, supporting tools or a clear strategic direction for taking full advantage of the appointment. That doesn't work. Having the driver of an innovation needs to be complemented by disciplined management direction, clear strategies and processes, and a dedicated budget appropriate to the job ahead. Make sure you use the planning stage to figure out the budget you can comfortably work within.

5. Communicate Progress

If you don’t assess the quality of performance within the organisation, you will not learn the level of success – or failure – that the plan holds. We know that becoming an employer of choice can be a lofty goal, not to mention a long-term endeavour, and so being able to measure and show change along the way is vital to keeping the train on track.

Communicating and celebrating progress is an excellent way to continue buy-in and foster trust through transparency.

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