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Facilitated Workshops

Attention all team players! Workshops aren't just for nerds or wannabe artists - they're actually pretty cool! They give us space to collaborate, brainstorm new ideas, and solve problems together like we're the Avengers. And the best part? We get to learn, reflect, and plan our way to becoming the rockstars of the office. Who's in?

Fun, interactive workshops designed to solve problems and develop high performing teams.

Our most popular workshops:

  • DISC Profiling for Team Building

  • Culture Shock Therapy: A Workshop for Building an Awesome Workplace Vibe ​

  • Success Series: Communication, Conflict Resolution & Critical Thinking

  • Strat-o-Matic - The Ultimate Strategic Planning Workshop

  • How to Workshop: Incident Management (including ICAM)

  • How to Workshop: Change & Project Management 

  • How to Workshop: Corporate & Business Strategy 

Or tell us your problem and we will design the perfect workshop for your team.

Let's Design Your Perfect Workshop

Step 1

Ring or email me 

about your problem and what you want to achieve.

Let's set up a quick meeting to discuss. (I'll bring the snacks)

Step 2

I will design a fun

and engaging workshop that will have your team saying "I can't believe I'm learning something right now".

Step 3

It's showtime! We're ready to rock this workshop. Keep an eye out for breakthroughs and high-fiving our victories.

Let's do this! 


The most effective behaviour and motivation profiling system, geared to enhance workplace engagement, communication, relationships, performance and strength based practices.


This program focuses on increasing self-awareness of behaviour, various communication style preferences, collaboration opportunities and demonstrating empathy and flex towards differing styles.

The DISC ADVANCED® assessment is a useful tool not only for the individual but for everyone communicating with that person. Its main purpose is to increase understanding of human behaviour; our own and others.

All participants will complete an individual DISC ADVANCED® assessment and receive a soft and bound 28+ page report specific to them.

The DISC workshop includes the following:  

  • An overview of all DISC styles - Participants will gain an understanding of their own work style preferences and others they will encounter in the workplace

  • How to recognise DISC styles in the workplace – Participants will increase their awareness of work style differences and strengths within the team/workplace

  • How to flex or adapt your DISC style - Participants will explore and develop ways to enrich their workplace communication and interactions

  • Action planning – Participants will walk away with clear commitments to themselves, with ways to implement their DISC awareness back in the workplace.

This highly recommended half day workshop for teams includes several interactive activities, tailored workbooks and creates a rich understanding of how to create effective communication across all styles.

What People Say...

DISC Teambuilding Workshop


“I was so happy that I booked you to deliver this workshop. The way you personalised it for our work team made it all the more powerful and I can already see a difference in how everyone interacts and communicates. "

Peta, February 2023

Change Management Workshop


“Stevie, this was a great workshop. We all had fun and managed to create a system that works for our business. "

Lauren, February 2023

Accelerated Success Workshop


“Thanks for designing this workshop. You hit the nail on the head with picking the topics we most needed to work on. "

Brian, March 2023

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