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If you are ready to be the kind of leader you would work for…

Our 3 Step Leadership Program

Articulate’s Leadership Program will give managers the strategies and techniques to lead confident, inspired and hard-working teams who can deliver results.

Today’s organisations need managers and supervisors who are not just capable, but who can positively contribute to moving a business forward through their developing leadership skills.

The Leadership Program is made up of 3 elements designed to provide the most appropriate support and development for emerging leaders. 

1. Super Skills for Supervisors

This 1 day workshop will give people who have stepped into a supervisor role the skills and knowledge to effectively deal with performance, conflict and difficult issues to create more efficient and productive teams.


2. Learning to Lead

This 2 day intensive course is the next stage of building the qualities, character traits and skills of a leader. We do a deep dive into the leadership styles that consistently get the best results and how to build, manage and motivate high-performance teams.

Emerging leaders will learn also how to initiate change, navigate through the challenges and get lasting results which are vital skills in today's uncertain times.

3. One-on-one Mentoring

A personalised mentoring experience can assist emerging leaders to master their emotions and enhance their effectiveness by leveraging natural strengths and raising emotional intelligence.

Because it can be done in the context of unique work situations, mentoring provides one of the most effective ways of working with a person to help them develop effective leadership skills.

Mentees have the opportunity to gain valuable strategies to overcome anxiety and build resilience to stress. These skills will ensure that they can think clearly during turbulent times and grow professionally to better achieve outcomes that matter.

A 6 to 12 week mentoring program would combine one-on-one sessions with feedback, reflection and workplace application tasks. Being guided by an experienced and objective mentor will result in accelerating new skill development whilst improving habits and behaviours to become more effective managers and leaders.


Experienced executives know all too well how difficult it can be to give our star performers the kind of professional development they need to feel confident in their leadership roles.

And as developing leaders, it's not much better to take the 'suck it and see' approach and hope for the best!

Our best people often end up in management positions because they are great at their job and show glimpses of leadership promise.  Unfortunately, we don’t always provide the essential training required to develop that potential

If this sounds like you, you’ll also know having well-developed managers and supervisors is a key factor, and sometimes the missing link, in really getting the best out of your teams and moving your organisation closer to achieving its goals.

But what if there is a way to fill this skills gap?

This 3 Step Leadership Program is specifically designed for emerging leaders to build confidence as they learn what good management looks like with ready to use strategies and techniques to quickly see enhanced performance and outcomes.

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