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Workplace Conduct

Your Risk Mitigation Partner 


Navigating the complexities of workplace relations is a common challenge, and at Articulate Risk Mitigation, we understand the intricacies involved, as well as the stress and uncertainty. Our local Workplace Relations team comprises knowledgeable and dedicated professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience from diverse industries.

Whether you're navigating compliance issues or looking for conflict solutions, our team is ready to provide comprehensive support, expert advice, and representation for all matters related to workplace relations.

At Articulate Risk Mitigation, we go beyond generic solutions, understanding that each workplace is unique. Our commitment is to provide local, tailored assistance that addresses your specific workplace relations challenges.

Give us a call to discuss how our process works and how we can help you the next time you need us - even if it's today!


Incident Investigations


Articulate Risk Mitigation prioritises the safety and well-being of your workplace and our dedicated team understands the critical importance of having proactive measures that ensure the safety of your workforce and compliance with industry standards.

We believe that a proactive approach to WHS not only mitigates risks but also contributes to a positive workplace culture. Our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of experience in a range of WHS services so call us today to learn how we can tailor our expertise to meet your organisation's needs.

  • WHS Changes

  • Organisational Restructures

  • Policy Amendments

About Me.

Hello, I'm John Greenwood, your local dedicated ally in elevating your workplace relations and health and safety standards to unprecedented levels.

Why Collaborate with Me?

In the ever-evolving landscape of workplace dynamics, achieving excellence requires more than just expertise - it demands vision, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to delivering remarkable outcomes.

That's precisely where I excel.

John Greenwood Photo_edited.jpg

A Seasoned Workplace Strategist

With a career steeped in executive leadership, I bring a reservoir of experience to the forefront. I haven't just navigated the complexities of workplace challenges; I've thrived in transforming them into opportunities for growth and success.

My specialisation is guiding organisations towards operational efficiency, effectiveness, and impactful growth. The core of my strategy involves assembling the right talents, implementing optimal systems, and executing meticulously crafted workplace relations and health and safety strategies.

Solution-Driven Expertise

In the face of time constraints, ambitious goals, and resource limitations, I am your go-to solution. Whether you require an additional hand, an industry expert, or a seasoned problem-solver, I am dedicated to transforming challenges into triumphs.

As a seasoned Workplace Consultant, I am unwaveringly committed to instilling a positive mindset and fostering purposeful partnerships. My mission is clear: to deliver transformative results for you and your organisation.

The Greenwood Commitment

My toolbox is equipped with battle-tested strategies to negotiate the best outcomes, motivate your teams, skyrocket productivity, enhance performance, and, above all, get things done.

Let's connect! I'm genuinely enthusiastic to help progress your organisation's goals so, please reach out today and let's turn possibilities into achievements.

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