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to Lead

About the Course


Today’s organisations need managers and supervisors who are not just capable, but who can positively contribute to moving the business forward through their advanced level leadership skills.

In this 2 day course, you'll learn how to become an effective and self-aware leader who can build trust with, and inspire, a high performing team.

You'll also hone management skills such as problem solving, decision making, giving feedback and performance management as you get a better insight into your preferred leadership style to better influence.

Through understanding your strengths and areas for growth you will develop the ability to connect better with others and improve your level of interpersonal communication to lead with emotional intelligence.  

Some of the topics that are included in the Learning to Lead program are:

  • Understanding the qualities, character traits and skills which make an effective leader

  • Choosing the best leadership style to consistently get engagement and buy-in

  • How to build, inspire and motivate high-performance teams

  • How to initiate change, navigate through the challenges and get lasting results

  • Improve your coaching and mentoring skills to better support your team

  • Using delegation correctly to improve results and productivity 

Managers will come out of this training with renewed confidence to continue enhancing their leadership skill set.

Who should attend:

This course is aimed at leaders looking to refine and enhance their leadership style, develop or sharpen their skills as leaders, and learn a series of proven methods, techniques, and strategies used by the most highly effective leaders.


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What People Say...

“This course gave me valuable skills and made me feel more confident to effectively lead and inspire my team."

Ashley, February 2023

"I really enjoyed Stevie's engaging facilitation style - it made the workshop an enjoyable learning experience for me with loads of stuf I can use."

Priya, February 2023

“Great content and easy to use takeaways.”

Jess, March 2023

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