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Crushing HR When You're Not HR

About the Course


That’s just how it is. As managers, we are expected to know how to handle some of the hardest parts of HR like a pro!

Whether you have an HR manager or not, it's amazing how much you are expected to do...and still do your day job!

This 3 day course might be the answer if you are looking for simple steps to master everything from interviewing like a boss to being the Yoda of performance management, setting expectations and dealing with disciplinary issues.

Topics covered include:

  • Skills inventory and job analysis

  • Position profiles and job descriptions

  • Finding candidates and advertising guidelines

  • Preparing for and conducting the interview

  • Employee orientation and onboarding

  • Planning training and external providers

  • Making performance reviews work for both of you

  • Attendance management 

  • Privacy issues and compensation and benefits

  • Managing disciplinary issues and termination

  • Exit interviews


This training is best suited for:

  • Anyone who doubles as or has to fill in as the HR person

  • Department managers who want an awesome, high performing team

  • COOs and other higher-level managers who need to know as much about HR as HR but don't have time to complete a diploma

  • Business leaders who want/need to become an 'Employer of Choice'

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