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Nailing Change Management

About the Course


Learn how to make sure that when change needs to happen it's welcomed and implemented successfully - by everyone.

Change is something that excites people who love opportunities for growth, to see and learn about new things, or who like to shift the status quo. Thats all great, however when changes aren't managed well we often see resistance and anger by our teams while we watch our plans go down the toilet.

We can take concrete steps to make change more palatable by understanding people’s hesitation, enlisting the help of others, setting up plans, and managing stressors. These steps can also ensure that desired changes are implemented successfully.


In this one-day workshop, you will learn how to implement change in a way that empowers people and gets them excited to be part of the change train.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding how change works and getting the right mindset for results.

  • Learning strategies to take people on the ride of letting go of what was and embracing what needs to be.

  • How to see change as an opportunity for self-motivation and innovation.

  • How to successfully deal with resistance and work avoidance brought on by change.

  • Identifying, developing and implementing change management strategies that will work for your teams.


This training is best suited for:

  • Anyone trying to work through a pandemic. 

  • Supervisors and managers who need awesome, high performing teams!

  • Managers recently promoted or taking on new roles.

  • Supervisors, team leaders or frontline managers involved with the change process in their organisation.

  • Senior managers and executive leaders who want to successfully influence how change happens in their organisations.


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