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How to Sell When You're Not In Sales

About the Course


Salespeople get a bad rap, and no-one dreams of being in sales when they grow up. Funny though, how so many of us land in a job that involves selling.

Worse still, we’re never taught the simple steps to landing a client or closing a deal and so we struggle to do our jobs well.

We either end up being the salesperson that pulls out the sledgehammer to crack a nut…or we take work avoidance to a whole new level!

Top salespeople understand that selling is all about solving, influencing, inspiring, and leading. Its not about pushing and pressuring people to buy or do something.

In this one day course you will learn the simple secrets to the ultimate sales process and how to position yourself to have people wanting what you are offering without that slimy salesy feeling.

Book your seat today and learn how to turn a ‘no, thanks’ into a ‘yes, please.’

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What People Say...

“This course gave me practical and effective strategies that helped me build my confidence and improve how I do my job."

Samuel, February 2023

"I didn't think it would be that easy to learn some powerful steps."

Sarah, February 2023

“I understand how to give better customer service and I loved learning how to set up good sales processes.”

Arul, March 2023

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