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Becoming an Employer of Choice

About the Course


Companies across Australia are having trouble hiring employees, and here in the Northern Territory, we are struggling with the best of them.

What started in 2019 with an unusually high number of Australians leaving their jobs for other opportunities has blossomed into a full-on game of musical chairs with an estimated 1 in 5 Australians quitting their job last year, according to research by the National Australia Bank.

It seems ‘The Great Resignation’ isn’t discriminating either and those jobs are stretching across every industry.

Today more than ever, it's vital that organisations adapt their mindset and recognise that this is the perfect opportunity to be cleverly proactive to strategically navigate through the issues the pandemic has amplified.

This 1 day course will point the way towards being a progressive employer and show participants how to be at the forefront of employee engagement and develop an innovative stance on business to get ahead in today's talent war.

Topics covered include:

  • What progressive means and how to develop and enhance a progressive mindset.

  • How to develop creativity and innovation in business.

  • The importance of succession planning and being a choice employer.

  • Working out the moving parts of a choice employer program.

  • Figuring out what parts you can commit to.


This training is best suited for:

  • Anyone struggling to attract good people to vacancies or keep the gems from leaving. 

  • Supervisors and managers who need awesome, high performing teams!

  • HR teams.

  • Senior managers and executive leaders who dream of being that employer of choice.


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